Churchill, Manitoba  2011

NWT 2014




​Born in Belgium, Pascale Delhaye immigrated to Canada at the age of 5.

Photography became a hobby at the age of 12. She picked up a camera and has yet to put one down.  Her passion for photography is deep-rooted as she realized early on in life the fragility and finiteness of time.  Taking a photo freezes time and records precious moments, gone in a flash if not captured.

Uniqueness, a different "eye" and perspective are all used by Pascale to convey feeling, as well as, attention to lighting and framing.

Pascale is currently working on her first photography book and is a contributing photographer for Getty Images.  A selection of her photos is available at «Carré des Artistes Galerie d’Art» in association with deiNERI.

As well, Pascale is taking a Master Class by the esteemed Annie Leibovitz.



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